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There are many factors that can affect window cleaning prices, and we 
would always recommend having a professional having a thorough look at a building for an accurate competitive price. 

Generally the window cleaning companies and window cleaners we have met in Peterborough charge extra to have the window frames done. But some companies include the frames and seals as standard in their service, although they might charge a little more, it is a question worth asking.

The main factor that will affect the cost per window is the shape and style of the window. If the window is split into many small panes the cost of window cleaning will cost more because they are far more time consuming. For example:

        Sash Window          Bay Window                French Window


Do you have difficult to reach windows? Are they high level? Are there tight corners or alley ways to get round? these factors should be taken into consideration as it can make a job more time consuming and therefore the cost of the job may cost a little bit more.

If you have taken all of the above factors into consideration, here are some general prices to work with as a guide: 

Using the above as a rough guide lets calculate the price per window.

Below are 3 types of windows that you may have come across:

P.V.C windows = £1.00

Sash window = £1.20

Bay Window = £1.40

French window = £2.00

You could use the example below as a guide to calculate the total cost of window cleaning for your own property. 

Let's assume that the windows are on a typical residential home, cleaned once a month and there are 8 windows in total, 4 ground floor windows, 4 upstairs windows,  and we are in 2011.

Rough price guide per window for a residential property

Normal ground floor window=£1.20

Difficult to reach window= £2.40

Powder coated window= £1.70

Above 1st floor window=£1.30

Above 2nd floor window=£1.50

Above 3rd floor window= £1.80

So if we calculate the total price for the window cleaning service on this house we should come up with something like this:
Standard 3 Bedroom House

There are 4 normal pvc ground floor windows, 
so that's 4 x £1.20 = £4.80 

4 normal 1st floor windows, 
so that's 4 x £1.30 = £5.20

Total Price £10.00

Remember this is only a guide and if you would like an accurate quotation it is always best to have a professional have a thorough look in person. 

If you are interested in a free quotation please call Martin on the following numbers Home 01733 649471 or Mobile 07946035087

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