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Questions & Answers

Can you clean my windows when it’s raining?


The answer to this is simply: Yes!!  It’s just a myth that windows cannot be cleaned in the rain, or that they get dirty as soon as it rains again.  Rain is about 20 tds (as opposed to your average tap water being about 200+), so it doesn't normally get windows dirty.


We find windows get particularly dirty when it is windy, as it blows dust and pollen onto the windows, then, when it does rain, the rain leaves droplets in the dirt already on the window.  


Once we have cleaned your windows, there is no dirt on the windows for the rain to leave marks on.  As a rule we only work in showers or very light rain, otherwise we get soaked. 


However if any customers have any concerns with any work that we do, whilst raining or not, we offer our personal guarantee that we will call back, free of charge to redo any windows that you are not entirely happy with. Our business thrives and grows on 100% customer satisfaction.


Our window cleaner came once, then never turned up again?


We pride ourselves on our reliable services, as such once we have visited your premises “Commercial or Domestic” and you are totally happy with our professional and friendly services, we will advise you’re next clean, usually 4 weeks later and rebook our next visit.


We can also call you in advance the day before just to remind you.

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